I am courteous.

I embrace the concept of common courtesy and am careful to display courteous behavior in all situations.

When another person is courteous and thoughtful toward me, my day gets better because I know that they care.

I strive each day to share my positivity with those around me. I do so with courteous actions and thoughtful activities. I know that even the smallest act of courtesy can change someone’s mood in an instant.

I believe in myself and in my ability to make someone else feel special. I pay it forward whenever I can in hopes that others will do the same. I hope to help humanity, even in a small way.

Each day, through small gestures of kindness, I send positive vibes out into the universe. As a result, I experience positive karma.

I enjoy knowing that I am adding goodness to the world I live in.

I believe that people need a chance to experience kindness in order to express such feelings. I evoke smiles and create experiences that stay with others so they too may pass on their positivity to others.

My mind, body, and soul reap the benefits of my courtesy. My positive vibes are exuded through my good health, positive attitude, warm happiness, and true contentment.

Today, I follow through with thoughtful courtesy because I know I make a difference.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How do I demonstrate common courtesy?
2. How can I be courteous to people I have never met?
3. What are some more ways that I can show courtesy?