Affirmation – I Am A Good Friend

So many things fill up my days. I run errands, work, and interact with many people. Yet, regardless of how busy my life is, I believe that I am a good friend.

A good friend has a multitude of qualities. I know when to listen. I recognize when it’s the right time to offer support, guidance, or honesty. I uplift my friends when I see that they are down. And if I believe I have knowledge that would help my friend in a given situation, I share it.

I am open and genuine in my communications, which strengthens our bond and helps prevent misunderstandings.

I take an interest in what my friends are doing. As a good friend, I pay attention and make myself available if they need me. I can be reached by phone nearly any time of the day or night because being a good friend is important to me.

However, my friends aren’t the only ones who benefit from my efforts. Taking the time to be a good friend brings me pride, joy, and many other rewards as well.

Today, I vow to be the best friend I can be. To this end, I list all the ways that I am a good friend and refresh my efforts to be the best friend anyone could have.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Am I a good friend?
2. How do I show my friendship to my friends?
3. What can I do to become a better friend?

Affirmation – I Am Dependable

How I relate to others at work and at home matters to me. The opportunities to ensure my relationships are healthy and positive are all around me. Doing whatever I can to help others is crucial to my life. Regardless of the situation, I am dependable.

I strive to be honest with others when they need my help and let them know what I can or cannot do. If at all possible, I do what is asked. I always follow through with what I agree to do.

Life provides many opportunities to show others how dependable I am.

At home, my family knows they can depend on me. For example, if my regular tasks are to do the laundry and fix dinner, my spouse and kids know they can always find clean clothes and enjoy a good dinner. If my spouse asks me to do a favor, I always tell the truth about whether I can do it or not and then I do what I say.

At work, when a supervisor or co-worker requests I complete a particular task or project, I am ready. If I agree to perform these jobs, the new responsibilities are placed into my schedule and, when the time comes, I complete the tasks. As a result, the people I work with see me as dependable.

Today, I am confident that my loved ones and colleagues view me as dependable and I intend to maintain my efforts to keep it that way.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Am I a dependable person?
2. What do I do to ensure that I follow through with the things I’ve agreed to do?
3. How can I keep from taking on too much?

I Am Flexible When I Need To Be

When I have flexibility, I can adjust to changing situations. Whether I am at work, at home or with friends, I try to do everything I can to keep pace with what is happening.

One thing I can always count on is this: change is constant. And for this reason, I have learned to embrace change. Because I accept change, I can stay balanced whenever there is a diversion in life.

Trying to control everything about my life can get pretty frustrating. Therefore, it is wiser for me to go with the flow. I recognize the difference between things I can change and things that are beyond my control.

For those things beyond my control, I am flexible. For example, when people I know go through metamorphoses in their lives, I can compromise as they change and grow.

At work, I roll with the punches when projects and plans change. I accept that my supervisor may sometimes change his mind and that my work could vary as a result. I simply re-adjust and move on with my work.

At home, my partner occasionally makes suggestions about how we can do something differently, such as eat dinner later or take a walk in the evening instead of the morning. When these conversations begin, I remind myself to be flexible.

Today, I plan to re-commit to remaining as flexible as possible. I am pleased about my ability to be flexible. Life is much easier whenever I am willing to go with the flow.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Am I flexible when I need to be?
2. If being flexible is challenging for me, why is it such a struggle?
3. What can I do to embrace change and be more flexible?