Have you ever wanted to do something but your fear kept you from going for it? Or maybe you just felt like you didn’t have the time or energy. Do you wonder what it would take to enable you to muster up the strength and courage to go after your dreams?

Thankfully, you can pursue whatever you want in life by putting some simple strategies to work that will reveal your inner warrior!

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Unleash the Warrior Within: Develop the Focus, Discipline, Confidence, and Courage You Need to Achieve Unlimited Goals

Book Review By Dominique Morrow September 3, 2000 – Don’t Judge This Book By Its Cover
The intensely focused, macho like posture of the author on the cover of this book may likely suggest to the casual browser, that this book is about combat or martial arts (the author is an ex-Navy Seal). It may lead one to judge it was written for those that want to learn how to better kick butts, cultivate an intimidating attitude or be trained in how to become an action star. Actually it could help kick butts (figuratively speaking).

As the subscript to the title suggest, it is about using “the principles (seven of them)of combat to achieve your goals.” The axiom, which states that to accomplish most things in life one must set goals, create a plan, then follow through, will probably not be news to most readers. There exist myriads of materials and advisers prepared to guide us onto bigger and better things.

In this reviewer’s opinion, what makes this book different is its focus on the details about how to accomplish one chosen goals. It never patronizes us with lectures about self improvement. As Machowicz points out, the SEALs spared no expense acquiring the best training available on the planet. When carrying out a mission, they simply do not have the option of failure from a preventable mistake or lack of focus. This technology can easily be translated and applied by us civilians in our everyday quest to accomplish the things we want.

Feeling overwhelmed, not sure what you should do next? There’s help in getting started through a priority exercise called CARVER. You would begin by listing all of the things on your plate and analyze what you have based on six factors using a scoring method. This would help identify and set up targets, the things in your life which are the most critical, important, and feasible for you to accomplish. This little exercise assists one in getting one focused. It may also bring out awareness that some things are less important than originally thought. There are chapters on dealing with one’s own fears (the SEALS aren’t exempt), the role of information, practice and attitude. Again, Machowicz’s target always seems to be on turning information into practical exercises.

There is a fascinating description of an actual SEALs mission during which each recommended principle is described as it applies “in the moment” while the story unfolds.

This book is recommended to anyone who wants to become highly skilled and proficient in the art of mastering the technology of achievement. It has earned a valued place in my library.

Use these strategies to help you create the life you desire:

1. Get acquainted with your physical strength. Pumping some iron will help you recognize your physical strength, which is an important step to revealing your inner strength. If you love aerobics, get your heart pumping and do them with a vengeance, as long as your doctor approves.

* If you’re interested in improving your balance and flexibility, practice yoga to strengthen those. The point is that feeling physically strong will help you go after your dreams in other aspects of your life. Think of yourself as a warrior-in-training.

2. Know that you can do it. Just like the children’s story, “The Little Engine that Could,” so, too, can you do what you desire. You must know and believe, deep down inside yourself, that you can achieve your greatest dreams.

3. Keep your focus. Sure, you’ve got to go to work, raise your family, and live your life in the here and now. However, stay focused on your dreams by keeping reminders in your car, bedroom, living room, and briefcase or purse. Make a vision board with images and words about your goals and dreams and hang it on a wall where you’ll see it often.

4. Refuse to let anyone or anything stop you. If you’re 35 years old and you still want to go to college, start taking courses one at a time during your off-work time. If people say, “You’re too old for that” or, “You’ve already got a job. There’s no need for that,” just ignore them. A warrior is single-minded, and isn’t deterred by others’ perspectives.

5. Educate yourself thoroughly. Do you want to move to California so you can surf on the weekends? Read everything you can about the California coastline, the cities and towns found along the ocean, and the locales for the best surfing. Study it. Learn all there is to know about the area. The more you know, the more you can do.

6. Allot time in your week. Take small steps each week. For example, if your dream involves visiting all 50 states in the US, start by planning time to create a budget that allows you to visit 2 states a year: one relatively close by and the other further away.

* Also, schedule time to research the 2 states you plan to visit this year. This strategy is closely related to keeping your focus (#3) because if you’re regularly allotting time to work toward your goals, the minutes you spend on doing related activities will bring you closer to the dreams that are your focus. A wise warrior plans ahead.

7. Share your goals with your friends and family members. They’ll most likely be interested and thrilled that you’re going after what you want in life. They might even be inspired to try to fulfill their own dreams.

8. Love yourself. A concept that sounds simple yet is incredibly complex, loving yourself will help you see that you’re truly worth the time, effort, trouble, space, and money to stay focused on whatever you seek in life. A warrior is truly proud of what he can achieve.

You absolutely have the right to go after your dreams. When you follow these steps to uncover your inner warrior, no person or situation can stand between you and achieving your dreams.

Although it will take work and practice, revealing your inner warrior just might turn out to be the greatest adventure of your life!