I limit the amount of television I watch.

I am decreasing the amount of time I spend watching TV each day because I have more important things to do. I refuse to sit down in front of the television and waste hours at a time.

I have the strength to turn off the TV and tend to my goals. There is nothing on television more important than what my real life has to offer. When I pursue my goals with the same amount of time and passion that TV demands, I see immeasurable results.

When the urge to watch television begins to arise, I take out my list of goals and find one that I can work on at that moment. The average TV show lasts one hour. That is one hour I can spend making progress toward an important personal goal.

I keep a book beside my bed so that at night I will turn to that instead of the television. At the end of the day, I read a few pages of my book, rather than watch a show.

The less television I watch, the less television I want to watch. I am breaking the hold that TV has over me. My time is too valuable to be wasted in front of the television. I prefer the excitement of real life to the virtual reality of the TV.

Today, I choose to keep the television off for one full day and engage in reading or art instead.

Self-Reflection questions

1. How much time do I spend in front of the television on an average day?
2. What can I do for entertainment instead of watching television?
3. How can I benefit by turning off the television for one day?