I fearlessly go after my goals.

Achieving my goals gives me the greatest feeling in the world. Knowing that I have reached for and attained something important to me gives me incomparable joy and happiness. Fear is delightfully absent when it comes to pursuing my goals.

I spend a lot of time considering what my portion is.

I know that my Creator has set aside some accomplishments for me. And because I have a close relationship with my Creator, I can feel deep down when something belongs to me. That bond connects me to what I am destined to achieve.

When the cards seem to be stacked against me, I can count on my confidence and courage to push me forward.

When my challenges are particularly tough, I may sometimes feel discouraged, but even my disappointment leads me away from fear. Instead, it makes me more determined than ever, bringing stronger drive and greater resilience.

My mental and emotional toughness help to build me back up so I can go after something I want the second or third time, unafraid of having to try again.

Today, I look at fear as only a word in the dictionary. I declare that fear is absent from any part of my existence, so I can courageously go after even the highest goals. I commit to keep going even when it may seem that my time to shine is in the distant future.

Achieving Goals Self-Reflection Questions

1. Is the thought of failure enough to discourage me from going after my goals?
2. Do I help others to confidently aim at achieving goals that they would ordinarily feel unable to achieve?
3. How can I develop fearlessness in pursuing my goals?