I admit my mistakes.

Every day, I encounter situations when things go differently than I hope. Sometimes, I firmly believe that what I am doing is the right thing to do. However, I sometimes choose an incorrect action. I make mistakes and that is a fact. And when I do, I acknowledge it right away.

Although it is challenging to admit to my mistakes, I know that it is ultimately the easiest path to follow.

Any struggle I experience regarding my error is quickly relieved upon stating that I made a mistake. I am free from the stress of trying to keep the secret of my misstep.

In a sense, admitting to my errors cleanses me emotionally. I start with a clean slate when I fully accept I make a mistake. I concentrate each day on doing the best I can with the knowledge that when I err, I have an opportunity to start again.

My life improves beyond measure because I recognize my personal mistakes to myself and others. When I do, it brings the freedom to go forward in life and pursue my passions. Also, I experience feelings of renewal and hope as I admit to my errors.

Today, I know I can acknowledge my mistakes. I realize it is to my benefit to do so. I embrace my mistakes so I can learn valuable information from them.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How honest and open am I in my efforts to admit my errors?
2. Do I admit to my mistakes? How does it feel? Do I admit them swiftly?
3. What can I do to be more willing to admit my errors?