My relationship with my in-laws is improving.

The lines of communication between my in-laws and I are always open. I feel comfortable speaking with my in-laws on the phone or in person, even in the absence of my spouse.

I have the courage to call my in-laws just to ask how they’re doing. When I initiate communication with my in-laws, I show them that I care about them and want to have a positive relationship with them.

My in-laws feel welcome in my home because I greet them with warmth. I embrace my in-laws with a sincere hug and a genuine smile. At every opportunity, I invite my in-laws to share special occasions and dinners with my family.

I admire my in-laws because they have raised the person with whom I am in love. Regardless of how they may act toward me, I have great respect for them simply because of who they are. Because my spouse loves them and I love my spouse, I too choose to love my in-laws.

I reject suspicious thoughts about my in-laws’ actions. Rather than second-guess their motives, I choose to trust my in-laws. I forgive my in-laws of any offenses I’ve taken up with them in the past.

When my in-laws and I interact, I am quick to listen and slow to speak. I give my in-laws the benefit of the doubt in every situation because I believe they love me and wish the best for my marriage.

Today, I choose to pick up the phone and call my in-laws just to say “hello” and ask about their day. I think of small ways to show them love in order to keep strengthening our relationship.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. At what time can I call my in-laws today?
2. What small deed can I do this month to show my in-laws that I appreciate them?
3. Is there something I am holding against my in-laws which I need to forgive?