I accept constructive criticism.

One of my goals in life is to be the best person I can. Although I used to have to ask myself what I could do to better myself, I now know how. I feel confident and proud that I take a positive approach to life and endeavor to learn all that I can about myself.

One important way to take in new information about myself is to pay attention to others’ comments about me. When people make an effort to provide me with constructive criticism, I listen with an open mind. In order to know how well I am navigating my life, I know that I need feedback from those I know and trust.

When my supervisor at work provides me with constructive criticism, I am ready with pen and paper in hand. I am eager to take in their suggestions and apply them to improve myself. Accepting feedback at the office provides me with priceless opportunities to grow in my work.

It is important to me to welcome constructive criticism. After all, how else can I learn about how others see me? I appreciate the time and thought that other people offer me when providing me with their feedback.

Today, I am open to constructive criticism. I welcome all feedback that others are gracious enough to offer to me and apply the information so I can become a better person.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How do I feel about receiving constructive criticism?
2. If I struggle with accepting feedback from others, why is that?
3. What can I do to more readily accept constructive criticism?