A Balanced LifeStyle saves me from burning out.

I have a strong work ethic that keeps me committed to my professional responsibilities. Although I sometimes feel overworked, having balance saves me from burning out.

It is important to counteract all my effort at work with some enjoyment. Taking time to celebrate the success of my labor is fulfilling. It keeps me from feeling frustrated by the work ahead of me. That balance is the key to being able to persevere.

Each day, I make time for exercise. Removing my mind and body from serious daily routines is therapeutic. It soothes my muscles and activates my joints and bones.

After each workout, I have a clear mind. I can tackle new challenges and strategically plan for success in my future endeavors.

Spending time with friends also contributes to balance in my life.

Social gatherings allow me to direct my interest in other directions. When I open my mind up to alternate thoughts and discussions, I release the burden that comes with work. Openness to other perspectives builds my responsiveness.

Knowing when it is time for rest is the key to maintaining a successful career. My mind is useless when it is exhausted.

Today, the balance that I maintain in my life is the remedy for exhaustion and frustration. I listen to the cues from my body to pause for relaxation and renewal.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What activities contribute to balance in my life?
2. How do I prevent exhaustion due to being overworked?
3. How do I know when I have had enough downtime to take me through upcoming challenges?