Being truthful is important to me.

When I experience challenging circumstances in dealing with others, I take a few minutes to ponder how I should handle the situation. Usually, I arrive at the conclusion that I must tell someone about the events I find vexing. And when I share my thoughts and feelings, I am truthful.

I am truthful not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because others who are involved deserve to know the facts.

I make an effort to tactfully and fully share the truth. When I feel uncomfortable with the situation, I share that I am struggling with it.

My opinion of myself is also an important part of the picture. I feel better about myself when I am honest with others and I want to continue having this positive opinion. In order to do that, I endeavor to speak genuinely and with honesty, although it may be tough. In essence, how I conduct myself when it comes to truth-telling matters to me.

Today, I plan to pay special attention to my interactions with others and notice how truthful and open I am with them. I want to ensure that in my day-to-day actions, I am honest with everyone around me.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Do I consider myself a truthful person?
2. In what type of situations do I find it difficult to be open and honest with others?
3. How do I typically react in instances when I do not wish to be truthful?