I easily find solutions to the challenges in my life.

I view life as a game. Life presents challenges, and my job is to find the best solution. I enjoy life and enjoy testing myself each day. I feel proud of myself when I am able to find a great solution to a challenge.

Solutions come easily to me. I rarely struggle to solve the roadblocks in my life. Even when I do struggle, I quickly remember the many times I have found solutions quickly and easily. This restores my confidence and peace of mind.

When faced with a difficult situation, I focus my attention on finding the answer. The best solutions in life are those that find myself. I am able to calmly focus my mind on creating possible solutions. I assess each possibility rationally and skillfully. An elegant solution is always close at hand.

The first step to solving a challenge is determining the desired outcome. I then allow my mind to get to work. Regardless of the activity I am currently engaged in, my mind is hard at work searching for a solution. I am presently surprised by the effectiveness of this approach.

Today, I allow myself to easily find solutions to the challenges in my life. I know the right solution when I see it. I am confident in my ability to solve my challenges. I can overcome any obstacle.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What is the biggest challenge I have successfully overcome?
2. What is the biggest challenge in my life right now?
3. When have I chosen poor solutions? Why?