I am conscientious.

In every situation, my natural instinct is to be conscientious. I put a lot of thought and careful consideration into everything I do and say, and I am confident that such an approach inspires the trust of others.

My disciplined nature allows me to exercise patience with decision-making. I believe it is important to be careful and meticulous in every situation, even when time is against me. I can be careful and thorough without taking a lot of time.

I allow myself to concentrate on the mission at hand and this focus helps me make the best decisions. It allows me to consider all the factors before coming to a conclusion.

I stand behind my decisions because I conscientiously make every single one.

At work, my subordinates consider me to be a good leader because I avoid making hasty decisions. I look at the position of the company and ensure my choices are in keeping with our effort to keep the organization moving forward. I thoughtfully consider all factors to make the most positive choices.

In my social interactions, I give advice that I know is well thought out and supported by facts so my point of view can be trusted.

Today, I strive to remain a conscientious person. My mission is to earn and maintain the trust of others through my robust approach to decision-making.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Have my conscientious decisions ever been unpopular with others?
2. Do I sometimes get impatient with myself when I spend much time in consideration before making a decision?
3. Are there elements that challenge my approach to decision-making?