I share power in my relationships.

I strive to have healthy relationships. I realize that an element of equality is integral in order to experience a lasting, replenishing relationship.

If I take care to equalize the balance of power between myself and another person, then I have a truly restorative connection.

I recognize that sharing power in any type of relationship is instrumental to the relationship’s longevity. So, whether it is a romantic relationship or an enduring friendship, my goal is to share the power.

In my romantic relationship, I share power with my partner by asking how they would like to spend our time together.

I focus on taking turns – if I chose the restaurant last week, I encourage my partner to make the selection for this week’s date. It can be quite liberating to leave the decisions up to my partner!

My friendships are very special to me. I make a real effort to discuss with friends what is important to them. Our friendship flourishes because I am careful that the power for decision-making is divided between the two of us.

I believe that having healthy, balanced relationships make for fulfilling and lasting unions with my family and friends, as well as my spouse.

Today, I plan to ponder whether I share enough power in my relationships. If I find that the balance of power is leaning toward one or the other, I can take action to equalize it for both our enjoyment.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Do I share the power in my relationship?
2. When it comes to my friendships, am I able to surrender power and take part in activities a friend chooses?
3. How can I ensure that the balance of power in my relationships is equal?

My spouse is the only person I am attracted to.

I love my partner as much today as I did the first day we met. My spouse’s physical appearance still draws my attention, regardless of how long ago we met each other.

I remain attracted to my spouse because I love my spouse. The bond we share is what draws me to my life partner. Even when we disagree, I am steadfast in my commitment to them, and with my dedication comes attraction.

My eyes are designed to appreciate everything about my spouse. I find my spouse beautiful inside and out, even the things that have changed about them over the years.

Being attracted to my partner is a decision I make each day in my mind. Instead of looking for flaws, I look for new qualities to adore about my spouse. I love my partner because of who they are in my life, not only for what they can do for me.

My spouse is the only person I am attracted to because my spouse is the only person I have eyes for. My thoughts are focused only on my spouse. Other attractive people may come into my life, but my spouse is the only person for me.

I reject contemplating life with someone else. I uproot those ideas and toss them far away from me. I feed my mind with positive thoughts about my spouse. This ensures that I continue to appreciate them and love them for who they are.

Today, I choose to embrace my partner just as they are, without comparing them to others. My mind is made up about my decision to spend the rest of my life with my spouse.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What can I do to show my devotion to my spouse?
2. How can I make my partner feel safe in our relationship?
3. How can I protect my mind against misleading thoughts about my marriage?