I am courageous.


Although many issues arise on a daily basis, I remain strong and courageous in the face of adversity. I choose to stay out of the fray and set an example to inspire others.


I face my work responsibilities with a mindset to be helpful and brave. Even through difficult tasks, I press on and complete my responsibilities with courage and zeal.


I carry out my work duties with stoicism and grace, despite feeling inadequate at times.


I think about the world and all its chaos.


As I reflect, I either see positive headlines or seek the silver linings amidst the stormclouds. I reject the negative reports from news programs and focus on good things happening in my city, community, state, and country.


I find hope within the good that exists.


Today, I set my mind with courage as I face this new day. Whether I have challenges of a personal nature, work strife, or concern about other troubles in the world, I focus on this present moment in order to uplift my emotional state.


I realize that my emotional state has much to do with being courageous, so I strengthen my confidence and happiness. With these tools at my disposal, I know that I am ready to take on the world!


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What are some challenges I’m currently facing that require me to be courageous?
  2. How can I inspire others with my ability to withstand adversity?
  3. Who can I reach out to for support during difficult times?