I am an optimist.

Like a fragrant and blooming sunflower, I look up to find strength and uplift my soul. Looking up and staying positive keep my mind, body, and soul in sync each day.

I know there is always a silver lining in any situation I might encounter. Making an effort to identify the positive aspects of my life allows me to prepare for the day ahead.

When I send out optimistic thoughts, my day is filled with instances of those positive thoughts coming back to me.

My Creator put me on this Earth to live a life of fulfillment and happiness. I have a great responsibility to Him and to myself to create that positivity in my life. I must create my own happiness in order to live a life that I am proud to be leading.

I do great things for myself and for those around me when my attitude is positive and my disposition is in a shiny place.

I impress others with my optimism because it portrays the strength of my soul. It is easy to sulk and be full of sorrow due to a dampening rain shower, yet my petals remain bright because I choose to wait for the storm to pass before deciding my fate.

Today, I strive to maintain my optimistic viewpoint throughout any struggle I face. This makes my soul stronger and prepared for whatever may come tomorrow.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What are some positive aspects of my life that are a result of my optimism?
2. How can I express and spread my happiness to others around me today?
3. Would my Creator be satisfied with my attitude today?