I embrace simplicity.

I scale down my expectations, focus on essentials, and clear away distractions.

I avoid the stress that comes with perfectionism. Instead of being anxious about taking a dream vacation or finding my soul mate, I appreciate each experience and person I meet. I give thanks for their unique contribution to my life even if it takes me by surprise.

I focus on quality over quantity. I eat sensible portions of healthy and delicious food instead of filling up on empty calories. I outfit my home with the furnishings and appliances I need instead of cramming more stuff into each corner.

I banish clutter. I regularly go through my garage and closets to gather items I can sell or donate to charities.

I pare down my to-do list and streamline my work. I identify my priority tasks and tackle them first.

I evaluate my relationships. I spend time with family and friends who give me encouragement and support. I network with colleagues who share my vision and complement my strengths. I limit interactions that tend to drain me.

I disconnect. I turn off my phone and computer. I observe my thoughts and cherish the silence that surrounds me.

Today, I live by the saying that less is more. I remember that simplicity saves me time, money, and energy. I focus on what I love and minimize the rest.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What is the distinction between being busy and being productive?
2. Why is simplicity liberating?
3. What are three low-priority activities that I could cut out of my weekly schedule?