I practice daily self-forgiveness.

Each day, I remember to forgive myself. I am only human, and therefore I sometimes make decisions that I might not choose again, if the situation arose a second time. This is a natural part of life. Therefore, I practice daily self-forgiveness.

If I ever find anger in my heart, I first ask myself why I am upset. Do I feel any frustration over something I did or said? What was my part in the situation? After determining my role in events, I acknowledge my feelings and make amends whenever necessary. Then, I move quickly on to forgiving myself.

I know that learning how to make good choices is part of becoming the best person I can be. If I deny any negative emotions, I likewise deny the teachings that come with those feelings. But if I embrace them and learn from them, then I have chosen to grow from my challenges and become a better human being.

In order to be fully comfortable facing up to my emotions, I know that I must be gentle with myself about them, and also take whatever actions are needed. If I forgive myself readily, I can feel safe looking at any feelings of anger or frustration I may have. Therefore, I make sure to let bygones be bygones, especially with myself.

Today, I practice self-forgiveness. I feel confident that with each new situation, I make better and better choices. I rest assured that regardless of the decisions I make now, I can always forgive myself if needed. Knowing this brings me great peace and serenity.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Do I forgive myself easily? Do I forgive others more easily than I forgive myself?
2. How can I show myself love and compassion today?
3. Are there specific situations where I could use some self-forgiveness today?

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