I am a supportive friend.

My life is a collage of family life, work, me-time, and socializing with friends. I focus on working to maintain a balance among these four areas on a weekly basis. Of course, during my off-work hours, my family requires much of my time and attention. However, I allow time in my busy schedule for my friends.

My life is enriched because of my relationships with my close friends. They bring joy and peace to my life. They introduce me to new experiences and encourage me to follow through in difficult situations. Whenever I feel down and out, my friends are consistently there for me.

I feel a certain responsibility to show care, concern, and kindness to my friends. I want them to trust me and see that I am there for them whenever they need me. And whatever they require, I endeavor to provide it.

Showing care toward my pals is easy. Calling on the phone, sending a quick text, or stopping by their homes when I am out and about are actions that I do regularly.

It brings me pride and great solace to know that I am a supportive friend.

Today, I know I can do whatever is necessary to show support to my friends. The incredible life I live is partially due to my close relationships with others. Being a good friend comes naturally to me.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Am I a supportive friend?
2. In what ways do I reach out to be there for my friends?
3. Do I behave with my friends in ways that I want them to behave toward me?