I commit myself to healthier habits.
My health matters to me. My life is precious. I want to fulfill my potential and spend as many years as possible with my loved ones. To this end, I form healthy habits that promote my physical and mental wellbeing.

With healthy habits, taking good care of myself becomes automatic.

I exercise regularly. I visit the gym or ride my stationery bicycle at home. I develop a list of activities that I enjoy so that I am prepared for any kind of weather or time crunch. I find the best time of day for me to squeeze a workout into my schedule.

I incorporate more activity into my daily routine. I climb the stairs instead of riding the elevator. I do some squats while waiting for my morning coffee to brew.

I eat a nutritious diet. I make time for adequate sleep and relaxation.

I follow the recommendations of my health care team. I see my doctor for regular checkups. I brush and floss in between dentist visits. I talk with professionals I trust about the latest studies and news so I can apply the information to my own needs.

Today, I pick up new habits that help me to take better care of my body and mind. I choose the areas that are my top priorities, and start making positive changes that prepare me for a longer and more rewarding life.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What is one healthy habit I could start working on today?
2. What are my personal reasons for wanting to be healthier?
3. How can I ask my loved ones for the support I need to follow a healthy lifestyle?