I am committed to my goal of healthy living.

When I am healthy, everything else seems to fall into place. I am committed to my goal of healthy living because I deserve it.

My body deserves to receive proper nutrition. When I feed myself well, I notice the difference in bodily functions. I drink the amount of water that is recommended for me. My skin glows and my hair and nails look healthy when I hydrate.

Giving myself the rest I need each night allows me to be more alert. When I am rested, I function optimally at work.

Adequate rest also makes me a wonderful person to be around. I recognize that when I am tired, I tend to be cranky. I avoid offending others with my crankiness by ensuring I get adequate rest.

Exercise is the key to feeling physically healthy. I commit to working out four times per week. It allows my muscles and joints to work at their best. I also remind myself to rest after exercising so my body can feel rejuvenated.

My healthy living regimen is rounded out by spirituality. I take the time to connect to that deeper place. It allows me to have true peace and accept myself as I am.

Today, I remind myself that I only have one body. I vow to treat it respectfully by living healthily. I am aware that healthy living contributes to a better quality of life.

Self-Reflection Questions
1. How can give myself daily reminders to ensure I stay on track?
2. Have there been days when I bypass my healthy living regimen?
3. Do emotionally trying circumstances cause me to overlook the importance of treating myself well?