I make an honest living.

Before focusing on the quality of my work, I ensure that I am working honestly. It is important to me to maintain integrity in my job.

Being honest with my employer means letting them know when I am having a difficulty. It is pointless hiding a challenge for fear of being viewed as incompetent. I am confident of my value to the organization, so I avoid doubting my abilities.

Whenever I freelance, I charge reasonable rates and provide exactly what I promise. I have repeat customers because I offer them value for their money.

Although I often feel like I am worth a higher rate, I keep my charges within market range. I know that my customers have alternatives, so being fair to them benefits both of us.

I avoid packaging what I offer as anything other than it is. Misleading others is dishonest and distasteful. It is hardly worth developing a negative reputation.

I only work overtime when the workload exceeds the time allotted. It is deceitful to inflate pay invoices because the details are overlooked. Working productively throughout the day is the commitment that my employer expects and that I am obligated to provide.

Today, I recognize that honesty takes me far in life. It opens doors for me. My mind and soul are at peace each night because I know that I live honestly.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I arrive at a billable rate for my freelance services?
  2. What other virtues do I display at work?
  3. How do I go about finding new opportunities for earning an income?