I always follow through

When I make a commitment to someone, I am true to my word. When I make a commitment to myself, it is no less important than my commitments to others, and I always follow through on what I promise to me.

I make the fulfillment of my promises a priority in my life. I refuse to let distractions and setbacks get in the way of my priorities.

Another important skill that helps keep me true to my word is time management. I make it a point to schedule my activities carefully to allow enough time for my priorities.

Saying “no” also helps me follow through on my commitments. If I do not have the time to do something, then I do not commit myself to doing it. Instead, I try to find someone else who can help.

If I try to take on too much, the sheer number of commitments can overwhelm me and prevent me from accomplishing any of them satisfactorily. So I am careful to determine if I have the time for something before I commit to it.

Developing these skills and strategies has resulted in greater trust and respect from those close to me. People know they can depend on me when I say I can do something for them. Being true to my word strengthens my relationships and forges stronger bonds between us.

Today, I am determined to craft a schedule that gives priority to my commitments so I can follow through with ease.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I make my commitments a priority in my life?
2. Can my family and friends depend on me to follow through on my promises?
3. Have I planned a careful schedule so I can accomplish what I’ve set out to do?