My body serves me well. Thanks to my body, I am able to accomplish most physical tasks, and I am grateful for this. And I take pride in my appearance. I do the best I can with what I have, and that is definitely good enough for me!

When I put on my clothes in the morning, I take a moment to notice something that I appreciate about myself. Maybe it’s the curves of my legs. Or perhaps it’s my lovely eyes or strong jaw.

Each day, I try to find something new to enjoy about the way I look. Whether or not I have the same physique as a magazine model, I am beautiful to me.

I also do things to intentionally cultivate my confidence in my body.

Regularly, I make time for physical activity. Exercise reminds me of all of the things my body can do for me, and also helps to keep me strong and flexible. I also purchase flattering clothing. I know what I like and what looks good on me, and I make a point to wear those things.

When I go to bed at night, I pause for a moment to be thankful for all the things I am able to do each day, thanks to my body.

Even if my days mostly consist of sitting in a chair and working on a computer, my body helps me do those things! My spine keeps me upright, my hands work the keys, and my mind makes everything run in harmony.

Today, I am grateful for all that my body does for me. I see and value all of my many attractive attributes and physical capabilities. I am happy with my body.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What are some things my body does well each day?
2. Which physical characteristics do I like best about myself?
3. How can I increase my confidence in my body?