My relationships are healthy and thriving.

Each of my relationships is valuable to me. I cherish my friends, family, and work associates, each in their own way. Because of the value I put on these connections, I invest in them. Therefore, my relationships are healthy and thriving.

I am pleased that I can see the results of my dedication to my interpersonal connections. I devote significant resources to maintaining them, and it shows!

When I have challenging times, my friends and family are there for me. And my associates at work are always ready to lend a helping hand.

When someone I know wants to talk with me, I make time to listen closely to what they are saying. Then, I respond as thoughtfully as I can. I empathize with their position and I offer assistance if asked. Communication is at the heart of good relationships, so I make sure to keep my skills strong.

Sometimes, maintaining relationships doesn’t take much time or effort – just caring. These days, a quick text or e-mail can let someone know I am thinking about them. I reach out frequently so that the people in my life feel valued.

If a person I care about seems to lack the time or energy to devote to our relationship, I bless and release them. I ensure that they know that I am here when they are ready to connect, and I free them of any obligation to do so. This absence of obligation permeates all my interactions with others, and it liberates me, too.

Today, I am thankful for all of my relationships. They sustain me emotionally and bring joy to my life. I recommit to strengthening them, one small action at a time.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Which of my connections could use a little attention?
2. What can I do today to benefit that relationship?
3. How is my relationship with myself lately?