The comfort of those around me is an important priority for me. I enjoy doing things that help people to have enjoyable lives. Self-sacrifice makes me able to help others to experience joy.

Although I know I deserve my earnings, I maintain focus on sharing it with others. There is a lot of fulfillment that comes from satisfying the financial needs of others.

When I look at how far my financial aid stretches for needy people, I am amazed. Seeing their example of frugality helps me to appreciate what I have. Sacrificing some of my possessions is worth seeing the smile on another person’s face.

My time is precious, but I am open to giving time to someone who needs a helping hand.

Friends who have projects in my area of expertise know that I am available to help. Being able to assist in their work and school endeavors is rewarding. I enjoy seeing the excitement on their faces when the results are favorable.

I take the time to help my loved ones achieve their goals because I recognize how happy the idea of success makes them.

Today, I embrace the opportunity to give more to others. Being able to turn hope to reality for someone brings me true joy.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What strategies do I use to rebuild my resources after sacrificing them for others?
2. In what ways can I help to bring joy to the lives of those around me?
3. How often do I find myself unable to help as I would like?