Throughout life, I meet many different people. Sometimes, my work leads me to know people that I eventually develop personal relationships with. Other times, I make new acquaintances through friends or family.

The nature of relationships is to develop, grow, and sometimes end. Accepting the natural course of relationships is something I have reflected on before.

Although there are usually valid reasons that people end relationships, the termination of any relationship can still cause distress and sadness. However, I understand that my life can sometimes be better if I end a relationship.

When a relationship ends, I may feel disappointment or even pain, but I am able to move through these emotions.

As much as I value my relationships, I know that sometimes I may be compelled to end them. Although there are many good reasons to discontinue a relationship, one of the major reasons for me is when my progress toward my life’s goals is stalled by the other person.

If I find that I feel hurt, sad and disappointed more often than I feel happy and calm in a relationship, I reflect on if I can bring more positivity into play. I have no fear of terminating a relationship that constrains me in any way.

Today, I am comfortable because I know that if I am compelled, I can end relationships. I choose to stand strong in my efforts to preserve my life goals and live a happy life.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Have I sometimes stayed in relationships too long?
2. Do I avoid ending relationships, no matter how unhappy or disappointed I might be in them?
3. How can I gain confidence about ending relationships if I need to?