I love the fact that my parents are the reason I am where I am today. I appreciate the reality that with their guidance and training, I am a strong, moral person. I look forward to opportunities to apply their feedback to both my personal and professional lives.

My parents are my backbone. I look up to my parents with respect and admiration because they give me guidance, yet encourage me to travel life’s paths independently.

I know that I can trust the advice I receive from them because they only want what’s best for me. I also recognize that their recommendations are based on having a wealth of experience to work from. I am confident in their guidance.

I sometimes share my parents’ advice with my peers when I see that they are in need of help. Why keep its immense value to myself? I gladly share the wisdom learned from my parents whenever it can help others in a challenging situation.

My parents mean the world to me and they also mean me well. I strive to live up to their expectations because I know they teach me well and deserve recognition.

Today, I salute my parents and the advice they offer. I commit to treasuring them for the rest of my days and giving them the respect they deserve.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Are there ever times when not listening to my parents’ advice turns out hurting me?
2. Do I share the good advice I receive from my parents?
3. Am I wiser because I have accepted their guidance?