I live in the now because the present is all I have. This very moment where I find myself is the only one I am concerned with. I enjoy this time free from memories of the past or thoughts about the future.

When I wake up in the morning, I welcome a new day filled with opportunity and endless possibilities.

With the dawn of each day comes another chance to write a better chapter in the story of my life. My life is open to the possibilities each new day brings.

Whether my past was filled with sweet memories or bitter regrets, I know the past is over and I want to make new memories today. Memories from yesterday are stored in my mind’s attic as I make room for the adventures of today.

I am confident in who I am today and where I am going tomorrow because of the lessons learned from the past. The past has equipped me with the wisdom to make better decisions from this point forward.

Passion drives me to live through each moment of my day to the fullest without wasting time dwelling on things beyond my control. I take pleasure in this day by pushing aside worries that are irrelevant to this moment.

Today, I choose to enjoy myself because today is a gift to be cherished. I hold on to each moment like a treasure of time that is mine for only an instant.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are my thoughts focused on today?
2. Have I surrendered to things beyond my control?
3. What kind of memories do I want to make today?