I keep calm in the face of confrontation.

My mindset is one of inner peace and calmness. I achieve more when my inner state of being is at ease, and that ease is aided by keeping calm when others confront me.

I honestly dislike confrontation because it makes me feel unsettled and uncomfortable. But I also know that I alone am responsible for the attitude I display in a particular situation.

I realize that it is unproductive to fight fire with fire. If I react to a confrontational person in an aggressive manner, the outcome can only be negative. So I refrain from escalating the heat in a situation by maintaining a calm demeanor.

I am confident that my peaceful behavior helps to resolve conflict. Keeping my composure always results in a more amicable settlement.

I feel more powerful when I am able to keep my emotions under control.

I make an effort each day to respond positively to others, even if I am met with a negative attitude.

Today, my focus is on keeping calm in the face of confrontation. I realize that I have the responsibility to be a positive example to others so disagreements and differences can be settled peacefully.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Is it sometimes better for me to walk away from confrontation?
2. How do I handle a situation if the other person starts to get physical?
3. Do I have what it takes to defend myself without being aggressive?