I make time for fun.

I acknowledge that life is short, so it’s important to me to enjoy it to the fullest. I commit to starting and ending each day with fun and enjoyment, and relishing as much as I can in between.

I delight in even the simplest things. I make time to hang out with friends so we can laugh, talk, and just be together. Experiences like this give us a chance to mesh our lives together and bring each other increased happiness.

In addition to just spending time together, I also plan exciting vacations with my friends or loved ones and cherish the inspiring memories that come from good times like this.

I make time to do silly things with my kids. I love being able to share their growing years with them on their level. I feel blissful, knowing that I am such an important part of their lives.

My relationship with my partner is infused with fun. Even when we face the serious challenges of the world together, I make the tough times easier with the relief of laughter. There is always time for a joke, a playful kiss, or making some great memories together.

I schedule time for myself and become immersed in activities I enjoy. Taking time for me rejuvenates me and helps make me the best I can be.

When I participate in fun activities, I feel youthful inside and out. My health flourishes because I avoid letting stressful situations control my emotions. I fight stress with fun and laughter and the positive emotions emerge victorious.

Today, I commit to making time for fun each and every day, embracing every opportunity to live life to its fullest.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How often do I make time for fun-filled activities?
2. How can I show my friends that it is possible to have fun even during dark days?
3. Does having fun help me to maintain peace of mind?