Being patient is important to me.

In an average day, many things go on around me. I meet new people. I have challenges to meet at work and at home. My own thoughts and feelings vex me occasionally.

Yet, I understand that how I respond to each of these occurrences is truly up to me. I put forth effort to be patient, regardless of what is going on in my day.

I occasionally struggle to resolve difficult thoughts and feelings. During these times, I remind myself that I can handle mostly anything. I decide to accept whatever lies outside my power and to alter upsetting issues when I can. Throughout the ins and outs of my feelings, my patience sustains me.

At work, I encounter tasks when I find it necessary to ask for help. Occasionally, those who offer me help are slow to follow through or might forget their plan to help me. At home, the kids occasionally misbehave or flounder in a frustrating situation. Although their actions may try me, my patience prevails.

When I am out socially, I often meet new people. It can be a struggle to feel sociable and consistently try my best to develop a new friendship. However, I summon my patience and energy to compel me to reach out and acquaint myself with others.

Today, I know I can reach deep within me and discover the patience I require to make it through. I realize I can successfully navigate my day because of my patience.

Self-Reflection Questions
1. How often throughout the day do I think about my level of patience?
2. Who is my best example of a person with patience?
3. How can I develop more patience?