I fill my mind with powerful thoughts.

My mind is the design center of my reality. When I fill my mind with powerful thoughts, I keep myself from shallow and worthless opinions. The blueprint for my character is marked by compelling depth because I allow powerful thoughts in my mind.

My mind preserves knowledge and retains wisdom so I can shape my actions according to the understanding that I possess. My actions and words are the unequivocal evidence of what I harbor inside my mind.

I remove negative thoughts from my mental archives in order to fill my mind with positivity. When my mind is filled with substance, I am able to expel weakness from my thought life. My thoughts promote prosperity in every area of my life.

I enjoy reading the works of wise men and women in order to glean knowledge from them. Whenever I read or hear an inspiring quote, I write it down so I may recall it at a later time.

My mind is so full of powerful thoughts that, whenever I am faced with a difficult situation, I can affirm myself with the knowledge that I hold. I can trust myself as my own counselor in times of trouble because I am filled with hope.

Today, I am giving superior value to the power of my thoughts. I am filling my mind with powerful thoughts by stirring up memories of lessons learned and attracting new knowledge. My private thoughts are becoming the visible reality of my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What does the blueprint of my future look like?
2. What are my sources of powerful insight?
3. How can I fill my mind with powerful thoughts today?