I am open to change in my relationship.

I am able to accept changes in my relationship. I understand we evolve as a couple. I am happy to adjust our lives as we maintain our relationship. We grow together instead of falling apart.

I know change is an inevitable part of being in a relationship.

We ensure our relationship is free from resentment and anger. Although we have our differences, we work on our issues. We avoid the bitterness that appears from hiding our feelings. Instead, we openly discuss our concerns and work through them.

I acknowledge that the tiny hurts add up. However, I work with my partner to eliminate them and make smart changes.

We avoid aggressive fights and arguments that can damage our relationship.

Instead, we make the necessary changes to our lives that help us. We are able to adjust our schedules and work hours to spend time together. We have regular date nights and time alone.

We have constructive conversations about change in our relationship.

We avoid blame and guilt during these talks. In their place, we focus on love and our future. We make goals and create plans to help our entire family. We work on our relationship, so it is stronger and more resilient. We stay flexible because we know change is normal.

Today, I understand my relationship changes over time. I take the time and effort to ensure that our love is strengthened through these changes.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How can I make the changes in my relationship easier to handle?
2. How can I help my partner accept change?
3. What can I do to strengthen my relationship while being busy with work and other obligations?