I see beauty all around me

Whether I am indoors or out, I pay attention to the symmetry and loveliness of people, places and things.

The views of nature scenes or the tranquil rooms of my home provide my eyes with splendor and peacefulness.

When indoors at my home, I rest my eyes on particular possessions that hold meaning for me. The small wood cabinet with the lovely palm trees painted on the front doors brings such grace to the room and reminds me of hours spent at the beach.

The pictures of green palms on the wall deliver nature’s bounty indoors. The clear glass cookie jar filled with seashells of every shape and size transport me back to times spent at the ocean.

The palette of nature produces breathtaking artwork for me to admire. The blues of the sky, greens of the grass and turquoises of the water are truly magnificent. The browns, tans and beiges of the trees and the ground soothe. As I take a walk, I drink in the beauty that encompasses me.

During my most challenging times, I look around me and view the aesthetics of whatever place or environment encircles me. I notice beauty in the smallest or seemingly insignificant of things.

Today, I feel blessed that I am able to view the radiance of my surroundings, no matter where I am. I intend to continue to discover beauty in everything I see. I am truly in awe of the magnificence that surrounds me.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Am I able to see the beauty in whatever environment I find myself?
2. Do I slow down and take time to “smell the roses?”
3. How can I encourage myself to feel gratitude as I spend a moment or two to notice the magnificence of my surroundings?

I see the rewarding effects of my work

I take great pride in the career path I have chosen because it allows me to make a difference in the lives of others every day. Whether directly or indirectly, I make a contribution to society by doing the work I do.

I allow myself to explore the positive effects my work has on others. I am proud of the way my job helps others. Being able to touch lives by my daily activities is rewarding.

The challenging aspects of my work are worth the positive outcomes they produce. I apply myself with passion, knowing that I have the ability to improve another person’s quality of life simply by sharing my talent.

The work I perform makes a difference in my community. Whether others notice my work or not is irrelevant as long as I focus on the greater purpose of my work.

When I know I have made a difference, then I feel valued, even if nobody else notices that I am responsible.

When negativity tries to cloud my vision, I wipe my perspective clean by recalling moments in which I felt accomplished. Great achievement must often be preceded by unglamorous hard work.

I am thankful for my job with which I can meet the needs of my family while also touching the lives of others. My work is a blessing and I elect to use it to be a blessing to others.

Today, I choose to revel in the outcome of my work. I choose to see the value and the purpose that I carry out every day through my work.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How does my work affect others?
2. What are some aspects of my work that I particularly enjoy?
3. When have I felt accomplished at my job?