I share my gift of laughter with others.

I have an excellent sense of humor. People enjoy spending time with me. My gift of laughter rubs off on others. Everyone enjoys a good laugh.

Laughter connects me to other people. I feel closer when I am able to share a humorous moment with someone. Laughter can help to heal my relationships. Anything is possible when humor is present. I can deflect anger and other negative emotions with humor.

Humor is one way of lessening my fear. I feel emboldened after laughing. I can handle the challenges of life more effectively when laughter is my regular companion.

Sharing laughter can strengthen relationships. Humor is the best way to begin and to end a relationship. When I share my laughter with others, it is like giving that relationship a booster shot. I know the relationship will continue to grow.

My sense of humor is forever developing. Each day provides new insights that sharpen my wit. I enjoy sharing my sense of humor with others. It is a gift that I can give freely and openly.

Laughter is important because it makes people happier. Laughter makes me happier.

Today, I am sharing my sense of humor with the world. It is a blessing that benefits everyone around me. Laughter is something that we can all share.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Do I take life too seriously? Where in my life could I laugh more?
2. Who is the funniest person I know? What makes them so humorous?
3. How can I enhance my sense of humor?