I exercise regularly.

I love to exercise. Feeling my body stretch and work is a satisfying experience. When I exercise, I am getting healthier and bettering my life. I value my health.

I consistently make the time to exercise each day. Sometimes I get busy, but I still find an opportunity to fit in a good workout. Exercise is a habit for me.

Every morning, I remind myself of the many benefits of exercise. Remembering the benefits energizes and motivates me to stay physically active.

I enjoy exercising by myself and with others. I can feel my body getting healthier and stronger every day.

My appearance improves when I exercise regularly. I enjoy the positive looks and comments I receive from others. My sleep improves the evening after a good workout. I awake refreshed and full of energy.

I like the feeling of self-control I have when I exercise. I am proud of my exercise habits. I feel in control of my life and my emotions. It inspires me to believe that I can develop other healthy habits.

I have a positive attitude about exercising. My health is very important to me. I enhance my health by eating healthy and getting regular exercise.

Exercise has become a tool for me. When I am feeling down, I turn to exercise as a means of boosting my mood. Exercise makes me feel better.

Today, I choose to exercise my body and mind. I look forward to getting a good workout. I am making myself healthier and increasing my will power.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. How often do I exercise?
2. Are there any obstacles that prevent me from exercising?
3. What are the benefits I get from exercise?