I forgive those who offend me.

I choose to release negative energy from my life. When I forgive those who offend me, I am free from the bondage of unpleasant thoughts and feelings. I take the high road and move on to being a happier me.

By forgiving and forgetting, I reverse the effects of others’ negative intentions. While they may mean harm by their words or actions, I shift my own energy toward positivity, which allows me to be free.

Genuine forgiveness always overcomes the mission of my detractors. Each time I remember this, I feel like I have achieved a personal victory.

I enjoy winning, especially when I can do so by overwhelming negative energy with compassion and kindness.

Because I receive what I put forth, I choose to display the compassion and love I would like to have in my own life. To do this, I manifest the inner strength required for forgiveness.

When those who rely on me for advice present an issue they are facing with someone who offends them, I hasten to recommend forgiveness. I use my personal examples of triumph through compassion and kindness as tools to encourage others to also forgive.

Today, I accept that the high road of forgiveness is the clearest, most joyous road, even if there are challenges along the way. I know that as I travel on that path with greater frequency, all other journeys in forgiveness come more easily.

Self-Reflection Questions To Forgive

1. Does forgiving others allow me to eliminate negative energy from my being?
2. How do I respond when I realize I have offended someone?
3. How can I show my loved ones the benefits of forgiveness?