I fulfill my commitments to others.

I take my commitments seriously, especially when I know that others rely on me.

Those around me allow me to lean on them in real and substantial ways, and I endeavor to provide the same support to those who need me.

I like to know that I am considered reliable, so I do what it takes to ensure I stay true to that reputation.

In all situations in my life, I am confident that I can do whatever is needed to follow through. This is in no small part because few things are more important to me than being able to fulfill my commitments.

I know that requests are made of me because I am capable, reliable and motivated to produce.

In my job, that means a lot to me and I work towards keeping my image intact. I embrace the fact that I am a “go to” person in my workplace.

When I commit to a project for a friend or family member, I look at the project as my own. With them, I work toward their goals with seriousness and determination. Although I may not benefit directly from someone else’s success, the personal pride I feel when someone I love does well resonates endlessly within me.

Today, I work hard to live up to expectations and fulfill my commitments. I take pride in being able to complete a task as expected. I know that I am relied upon and I am committed to that responsibility.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How do I feel when others do not fulfill their commitments?
2. What steps can I take to ensure I live up to the expectations of others?
3. How do I respond when I am asked to make a commitment that conflicts with my values?

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