I keep my mind sharp.

Each day is full of opportunities for me to learn, and I happily embrace each one.

Learning keeps my brain active, which is a primary goal for me. Part of my approach to the good life involves keeping my mind sharp, so I do so at every opportunity!

Although the news media may tell me that our minds decline as we age, I know that my mind is my own responsibility. In a sense, my brain is a muscle, so it responds to use. Therefore, I can choose whether to keep it sharp or allow it to go downhill.

I love how well my mind works now and I want that to continue, so I elect to stay mentally active.

Keeping my mind sharp can involve many different activities. I can do brain teasers or crossword puzzles. I can enroll in a class on a topic that intrigues me. Or I can just check out books from the library and study on my own. Even engaging in stimulating conversation or balancing my checkbook helps me stay sharp.

Sometimes, I may find myself mentally relaxing. Although rest is important, I value my ability to think clearly and critically when needed, so I am sure to include mental activity in each day. This way, I have my skills polished and ready when I want them.

Today, I am thankful for all that my mind does for me. And I know that staying mentally fit is critical to my ongoing happiness. Therefore, I commit to doing at least one thing today to benefit my mind.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What are some ways that I most enjoy using my mind?
2. What would help motivate me to work my brain every day?
3. Is there a subject I would like to know more about? What could I do to begin learning about this topic today?