I learn from my mistakes.

I live life each day with the knowledge that I make errors. I fully accept there are times when I do things incorrectly. I might choose one thing when another is the better choice. Or I make an impromptu decision that may later prove to be less than the best option for me.

Even though I am less than perfect, I learn from my mistakes in order to live the good life I deserve.

I approach mistakes with an open mind and heart. Because I want to figure out the errors of my ways, I evaluate how I make each mistake and then examine the consequences of that decision.

I ask myself, “What new knowledge do I have from this error? How can I use this knowledge now?”

Although each step in this process is important, the most important aspect of my evaluation is figuring out what I learn. Realizing the lessons from my errors is a rewarding part of my day.

Today, if I make a mistake, I can diligently acknowledge the wrongdoing, evaluate the situation, and extract new knowledge from it. My life is enriched whenever I glean new information from my mistakes.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Do I make it a point to learn something from my mistakes?
2. What are some valuable lessons I have learned from past errors in my life?
3. How can I keep my mind open to accepting my mistakes and learning from them?