I let go of my insecurities.

There are situations in life that trigger me to feel vulnerable. I may feel unsure about how to respond. In situations like these, I focus my efforts on letting go of my insecurities.

I tell myself to release these troublesome feelings that are of no positive use to me.

In some challenging situations, my emotions become stuck. It feels as if I am mired in a troublesome predicament. I begin to feel overwhelmed with the precarious feelings of vulnerability and insecurity. So, I label my feelings to aid me in figuring out what is going on with me.

Next, I make efforts to leave the feelings behind. I tell myself they are of no consequence to my life. Then, I remind myself that challenging situations dissipate and leave no traces. This recognition brings me new courage to ward off the nagging sensations and enables me to release my insecure feelings.

The fewer insecure feelings I hold on to, the more confidence and initiative I have in a situation. I know that letting go of those negative emotions is the smart thing to do.

Today, I feel sure that I can allow my insecurities to float away, regardless of the circumstances. I vow to learn more about what works for me when it comes to releasing insecurities.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Am I successful in letting go of my insecurities?
2. What factors prevent me from releasing my vulnerable feelings? How can I overcome my insecure feelings?
3. What positive messages can I give myself to help me let go of these feelings?