I limit the time I spend daily on social networking

Each day, I make it a point to pursue and nurture real-life relationships, instead of those on social networking sites. I plug into real life because it is good for my heart, mind, and body. Feeling the warmth of a person’s embrace is unparalleled by anything the virtual world has to offer.

I limit my time on social networking sites because I love my family. My love for my family and friends is more fulfilling than anything in the social networking world.

While it is easy to hide behind a computer screen, the human in me needs to connect with other individuals on a personal level. Instead of staring at a computer screen all day, I look into the eyes of another person and listen to what they have to say.

I respect my place of work by refraining from going online for personal reasons. I avoid wasting time for which I am being compensated by frivolously browsing unimportant information on social networking sites.

At home, I limit my usage to fifteen-minute intervals. I practice self-control by setting limits for myself. During my allotted time, I browse with freedom and without guilt.

When I am online, I use the time to become informed about important news events around the world. I only open social networking sites to connect with friends who live far away or to make business connections.

Today, I choose to set parameters for my social networking usage because social networking sites have great value, but real life comes first.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. In what ways is social networking interfering with my real world life?
2. What parameters do I need to set for myself?
3. Why are personal relationships valuable?