I enjoy networking face-to-face.

Networking face-to-face is an activity I enjoy. I look forward to personal meetings where I can look into the eyes of those with whom I communicate. Making eye contact with the person with whom I am speaking is exciting for me.

There is an intangible human element of connection that can only be felt when in the presence of others. I enjoy meeting new people and listening to their stories. When I meet people in person, I find that I we have more in common than I imagined.

I am better able to understand what someone is saying when we are face-to-face. Body language and gestures speak volumes to me. Likewise, I can communicate more easily to them when we are in person.

I release myself from anxiety of being in front of people because I am fully worthy of enjoying personal interactions. I am just as intelligent and capable as those with whom I interact. The people with whom I network respect my ideas.

Speaking to others over the phone or through Internet messages is superficial and prevents me from getting to know the real person behind the voice. Live meetings allow me to get to know a person better and truly feel their passion.

I enjoy networking because it eliminates questions or doubts about tone of voice, humor, and attitudes that are often misinterpreted when communicating through print. I feel that I am better understood when I communicate face-to-face with others.

Today, I choose to set up an in-person meeting with members of my network. I rise above the comfort of technology to add a human element to our communication.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What keeps me from networking face-to-face?
2. Whom could I set up a meeting with today?
3. Why should I feel more comfortable in face-to-face meetings?