I read consistently.

Literature is a rich source of knowledge and entertainment for me. I enjoy reading to increase my understanding of topics and also to take a break from the reality of life. Regardless of the type of reading I engage in, I do it consistently.

I set aside time each day to finish at least ten pages. When I read consistently at this pace, I am able to finish books in a timely manner. Striving to read a number of pages, rather than at a particular place or time makes it easier for me to stick to my goal.

I make it a point to always carry a book with me so I can pull it out any time I have a free moment. Reading is a highly productive way for me to spend my idle time. Whether I am waiting at an office or taking a lunch break, my books are within reach.

Reading is a pastime I enjoy because it enlightens me. The more books I consume, the more I learn about a variety of topics, ranging from self-improvement to international government. With a book in my hands, I feel connected to the world.

If I ever skip my daily reading, I quickly pick up where I left off. I brush myself off and forgive myself for any setbacks. Consistent reading is a habit I cultivate, regardless of my life situation.

Today, I choose to commit to reading at least ten pages per day. I look for books related to topics that already interest me, as well as things I want to learn more about.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What book do I want to read next?
2. What is an appropriate reading pace for me?
3. How does reading consistently benefit me?