Affirmation – I remember to recycle. Protecting the environment is important to me. I seek to do all that is within my power to make a difference for our planet. I am convinced that every little bit counts, so I take seriously my individual responsibility as a citizen of the world.

I decrease my consumption by finding alternative ways to use items. Instead of throwing things away, I pause and ask myself how the item can be reused.

By taking a moment to reflect before throwing things away, I tap into my creativity and find original ways to use ordinary items. When I do this, I am inspired by my own resourcefulness.

Daily, I remember to set aside items that are recyclable. My recycling containers are within my reach so that I can place items directly into their proper place when I am done using them.

On garbage collection day, I remember to place my recycling bins in the designated location. This way, all of my diligence during the week pays off.

I keep reusable bags in my car so they are accessible to me everywhere I go. When I visit the grocery store, I remember to bring the bags into the store.

If I forget my bags in the car, I just walk outside to retrieve them before checking out. Knowing that I have contributed to saving the environment is worth the extra trip to my car. When I finish using my bags, I promptly return them to the trunk of the car.

Today, I choose to keep a fresh awareness of my responsibility to recycle. I also work to set an example of proper recycling habits for those coming up behind me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are my recycling bins located somewhere that helps me remember to recycle?
2. How can I reuse something I often throw away?
3. How can I help myself remember to bring my reusable bags into the store?