I am above jealousy.

I am above jealousy because I trust my partner. I know my partner loves me dearly and is respectful of our relationship. We are by each other’s side through thick and thin.

When unfounded jealousy tries to creep in and eat away at the trust we have built, I abolish the thought before it even begins to take root.

I am confident in myself and let go of any expectations for my partner to cut off all ties with the opposite sex. That is unhealthy and unnecessary in a relationship built upon trust.

My partner has friends of both sexes, just as I have friends that are male and female. As much as we love spending time together, we have social lives outside of our relationship.

I let go of any worries about others becoming attracted to my partner. Although the emotions of others are out of my control, I have total faith in my partner’s ability to fend off unwanted advances.

I know that my partner respects the boundaries of our relationship and intentionally avoids anything that could cause me pain.

I understand that it is alright to feel jealous from time to time. In fact, a small amount of jealousy is perfectly healthy. It shows that we are still in love and our fire is burning strong! I brush away these fleeting feelings of jealousy with a laugh.

Today, I release myself of unfounded jealousy. I am secure in myself and my relationship.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I have valid reasons to be jealous?
2. Does my jealousy stem from insecurity?
3. Am I overly controlling and suspicious in my relationships?