I have respect for other people’s time.

I arrive on schedule as well as complete tasks on time. I aim to always be considerate of time to avoid inconveniencing those who depend on me.

When I call a meeting at work, it is with the understanding that the persons involved have other responsibilities, but they see my meeting as important too. I am mindful of time so that my meeting can start promptly and end on schedule to allow others to attend to their other duties afterwards.

I strive to organize my day in ways that show respect for others’ time.

I know that my kids relish in their personal time, so I ensure that I set aside other times in the day to spend quality time together. I am very conscious about allowing them their time to relax and spend it as they wish.

Today, my respect for other people’s time allows me to be more conscientious and organized. It helps me stick to my goals and accept when others have their own objectives to achieve. I commit to being as fair to others as I want them to be to me.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How do I handle situations where my time has been disregarded?
2. Do I apologize to others when I realize I have inconvenienced them by being late?
3. Do I spend enough time preparing so that I can stick to my schedule?\