My Rest Time Is Valuable

The better I care for my body, the better my body performs. I take care of my body because it is my responsibility. Pushing my body to its limits is counterproductive, so I value my rest time because it is healthy for me.

When I eat well, exercise, and get enough rest, I feel great! I can enjoy myself and my mind is open to receive inspiration. Rest time allows me to unwind and refresh, unleashing showers of new ideas.

Taking a break is one of the ways I show myself that I matter. I respect myself enough to acknowledge my needs. By valuing my rest time, I teach others to value me. I schedule my rest and I am free from guilt when I adhere to my schedule.

I refuse to allow myself to burn out. Instead, I am sensitive to the warning signs my body sends and I take immediate action. I am strong enough to refuse responsibilities that interfere with my rest time.

By knowing my limits, I can accept a workload heavy enough to challenge me without relinquishing my rest time. Those who truly love me respect my need for rest.

Today, I choose to keep my needs a priority. I set a work limit for myself and I stick to it in order to prevent burn out. I use my down time to become refreshed and refueled for tomorrow.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What signals does my body send me when I need to rest?
2. What message do I send myself when I take care of my needs?
3. How does rest time improve my overall performance?