I feel comfortable saying “no” to others.

Whether I am dealing with my co-workers, friends or family members, I strive to be honest and assertive about my feelings. Stating how I feel and clarifying my wants or needs occasionally involves saying “no” to others. I am comfortable with this.

I am confident that it is acceptable for me to decline to do something that others want me to do. Knowing that my feelings are at least as important as the feelings of my friends or loved ones helps give me the confidence to say “no” to others.

Sometimes, I am disappointed about the way a conversation progressed with a co-worker, friend or loved one. I wonder why the person feels the way he does about the situation in question. But then I remember that it is okay when others disagree with me or I disagree with them.

When I decline to do something others had hoped I would do, they may be disappointed at first, but they still respect my judgment. I only take on what I am sure I can accomplish in the time frame requested. So others know they can trust me to complete their requested tasks when I agree to do them.

Today, I am confident about saying “no” to others if I so choose. I plan to speak up more about my feelings in the future, even if this means saying “no.”

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What issues are important for me?
2. Do I believe it is okay for me to tell others “no?” If not, why not?
3. How can I feel better about asserting myself?