I motivate myself to work out.


I stick to my workout program. I generate the enthusiasm to exercise on a regular basis.


I think about my reasons for working out. I want to have as many years as possible to share with my family and friends, perform meaningful work, and engage in the activities that I love. I want to feel strong and look fit.


I practice self-care. It is easier to go the gym when I eat nutritious foods and sleep well.


I listen to music. A lively playlist makes me want to move around.


I make my workouts more social. I sign up for dance classes or join a softball league. When I get together with friends, I suggest activities like riding bikes or going kayaking. I use social media to chat about my fitness program and share support with others.


I give myself rewards. While I am working towards my fitness goals, I treat myself to a flattering new yoga top or relaxing spa treatments. On the way home from the gym, I stop off to buy a delicious piece of fruit or a bestselling novel.


I focus on having fun. I treat my workouts like playtime. I put together a variety of interesting and challenging activities that I can choose from.


Today, I am excited about working out. I enjoy staying fit and active.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What are my personal reasons for exercising?
  2. Who are 3 people I could invite to join me for a workout?
  3. How can I sustain my motivation for the long-term when it comes to working out?